Cable Internet Service Providers in Texas

There are 38 cable internet service providers in Texas as of our last data update in 2021.

Our count is based on FCC provider filings, updated manually to account for mergers, closures, and new company formations. 1

Of the 38 Cable internet providers in Texas, 30 offer residential services, and 34 offer business services. 26 providers in the state offer both residential and business service.

Top residential cable internet providers in Texas

The five largest cable internet providers in Texas by coverage area are:

  • Charter Communications Inc: residential speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • Comcast: residential speeds up to 987 Mbps
  • Suddenlink Communications: residential speeds up to 1000 Mbps
  • RCN: residential speeds up to 1000 Mbps
  • En-Touch Systems, Inc.: residential speeds up to 115 Mbps

Texas Cable internet providers summary

ProviderPopulation CoveredDownload SpeedUpload SpeedServices Offered
Charter Communications Inc13149026940 Mbps35 MbpsResidential, business.
Comcast5222137987 Mbps35 MbpsResidential, business.
Suddenlink Communications29801101000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential, business.
RCN13490081000 Mbps50 MbpsResidential, business.
En-Touch Systems, Inc.557768115 Mbps20 MbpsResidential, business.
Coba Systems55500395 Mbps45 MbpsResidential
Cable ONE3835691000 Mbps50 MbpsResidential, business.
NewWave241953300 Mbps10 MbpsResidential, business.
Longview Cable Television, Inc.11214850 Mbps3 MbpsResidential, business.
Northland Communications95452100 Mbps10 MbpsResidential, business.
Vyve Broadband750041000 Mbps15 MbpsResidential, business.
Zito Media LP56707200 Mbps15 MbpsResidential, business.
commZoom53086300 Mbps10 MbpsResidential, business.
CoBridge Communications498751000 Mbps15 MbpsResidential, business.
Northland Communications36577100 Mbps10 MbpsResidential, business.
GVTC3492212 Mbps1.5 MbpsResidential, business.
TDS33479600 Mbps20 MbpsResidential, business.
GEUS25881100 Mbps10 MbpsResidential, business.
Spectrotel2254120 Mbps20 MbpsBusiness
Livingston Telephone1889025 Mbps3 MbpsResidential, business.
Reach Broadband18674100 Mbps10 MbpsResidential
Coastal Link14215250 Mbps250 MbpsResidential, business.
1stelInc12741300 Mbps20 MbpsBusiness
EarthLink Business, LLC11294100 Mbps100 MbpsBusiness
AccessMedia310194100 Mbps100 MbpsResidential
Mountain Zone TV Systems920320 Mbps3 MbpsResidential, business.
Tailwind Voiceand Data7147300 Mbps30 MbpsBusiness
Panhandle Telecommunication Systems Inc495150 Mbps5 MbpsResidential, business.
Nortex Communications4705100 Mbps5 MbpsResidential, business.
ZochNet357050 Mbps15 MbpsResidential, business.
Fusion117060 Mbps60 MbpsBusiness
NTS Communications, Inc.8063 Mbps1 MbpsResidential, business.
Panhandle Telephone Cooperative31150 Mbps5 MbpsResidential, business.
pathway28330 Mbps3 MbpsResidential, business.
AssetBlack20650 Mbps10 MbpsBusiness
AW Broadband175100 Mbps10 MbpsResidential
IP Global144100 Mbps20 MbpsBusiness
California Telecom, Inc.230 Mbps0 MbpsBusiness

This page is based on a database of Texas-based internet service providers maintained by This page updates automatically as we update the database on a monthly basis. The last modification was made 2020 November

Page Summary
  • Texas cable internet service is provided by companies like Spectrum and Xfinity over coaxial lines. As of 2020, most cable areas have upgraded to hybrid fiber-coaxial, allowing higher download speeds up to 940 Mbps.
  • 88% of Texas residents live in-footprint for cable internet service.

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